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The chair «Biomedical and Electronic systems and technology» (BEST) is:

- 4 doctors and 12 candidates of sciences – regular teachers;

- Active research work in the fields of: biomedecal engineering, progressive technologies of designing and manufacture of electronic means;

- Multilevel preparation of experts – from the schoolboy to the candidate of sciences, including bachelors and masters of technics and technologies;

- Remote and contract training;

- Postgraduate study on 3 scientific specialities;

- Target preparation of experts in orders of the enterprises;

- The international cooperation, an exchange of delegations, training in foreign high schools.

The basic direction of preparation:

11.03.03 - “Designing and technology of electronic means”. - Bachelor
11.04.03 - “Designing and technology of electronic means”. - Master

12.04.03 - “Biotechnical systems and technology”. - Bachelor
12.04.04 - “Biotechnical systems and technology”. - Master

Training is conducted on system:

The bachelor - the master – the candidate of sciences

The chair is opened for cooperation with educational institutions, scientific institutions and profile firms of near and far abroad.


What know and able the graduates of direction “Designing and technology of electronic means”?

Graduates receive fundamental engineering preparation in the field of designing, technologies, manufacture and operation radio-electronic and electro-computer facilities.

Graduates know:

- Methods of designing radio-electronic and electro-computing systems, elements and knots;

- Bases of modern microelectronics and technology of manufacturing of microcircuits and microprocessors;

- Hardware and architecture of computer complexes and networks;

- Programming on computer languages, languages of databases;

- Computer design;

- Methods of the automated designing of radio equipment with use of modern software and technologies of programming;

- Bases of market economy, management and marketing.

Graduates are able:

- To develop, serve, improve and repair all kinds of radio-electronic and electro -computing equipment of any appointment - from space to household;

- To use modern software (operating systems, systems of the automated designing (SAD), networks, packages of applied programs for scientific and engineering calculations and modelling);

- To develop new technologies, to organize manufacture of elements, knots and blocks of radio equipment and the computer;

- Quickly to adapt in the conditions of a changeable conjuncture on a labour market, to find optimum application of the professional knowledge

In 2005 it was organized and spent VII International scientific and technical conference «OPTO - NANOELECTRONICS, NANOTECHNOLOGIES And MICROSYSTEMS» in which work scientists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Colombia have taken part.


The chair co-operates for a number of years with scientists of Institute of physics of a firm body of Academy of sciences of republic Belarus and the Belarus state university within the limits of the INTERNET PROJECT « Transient spectroscopy of deep levels».


Steady partner relations connect chair with Fridrih-Aleksandr University and Fraungofer Institute of integrated circuits (Erlangen, Germany) and dynamically develop within the limits of cooperation faculty of Physics, radio electronics and medical equipment (FREME) and The Vladimir state university (VSU) with German partners.

Presentation of the BEST department

Annually some students of chair are invited by the German party to training of various duration, including performance master dissertations by students of chair under tasks of German partners.


Bachelor – Master – Ph.D – D. Sc.

Qualification improving and staff retraining (72h.) on program:

«Medical instruments, devices and sys-tems» with specializations on types of biomedical equipment.

1. Biomedical training:

- Basics of human and ani-mals biology

- Biochemistry

- Biophysics

- Basics of interaction of            

   physical models with BO

- Physics-chemical basics of 


- Medical psychology and 


- Ecology

- Safety of life

2. Circuit-technique train-ing:

- Engineering and computer  


- Elements base of electron-ics

- Electronics and CPU tech-niques

- Measuring converters and electrodes

- Units and elements of medical techniques

3. Organization of re-searches training:

- System analysis and deci-sion making

- Technical methods of diag-nostic researches and therapy influences

- Control in biomedical sys-tems

- Modeling of biomedical processes and systems

- Theory of biotechnical sys-tems

4. Medical-technical train-ing:

- Metrology, standardization and certification

- Medical instruments, de-vices, systems and complex-es

- Measurement converters and electrodes

- Methods of processing biomedical signals and data

5. Special disciplines:

- Theory of materials

- Verification, safety and reliability of medical equipment

- Design and technology of instruments and apparatus industry

- Basics of management in medical institutions

- Basics of marketing on medical-technical establishments

- Computer technologies in biomedical researches

- Automation of processing of experimental data


  • Design and production of biomedical equipments, systems and complexes
  • Services of biomedical equipment in heath-care institutions.
  • Biomedical informatics.
  • Creation of SME, development of innovation programs and marketing analysis of modern medical equipment.